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Marija and Dimitrija Filevi

Fashion Designers


     Ohrid the city of lights, the pearl on the balcans is well known and recognised by the true essence and beauty of the one of a kind rear treasure of the family pearls of Dimitrija and Marija. The pearl store is located near the city centre st. Car Samoil no.10 and no.27. It is a decoration of the town. The color, shimmer and radiance of the Ohrid pearls are taken from the nature including the natural beauty of the scales of the endemic fish Plashica. The process is a well kept family tradition passed on from generation to generation.  

With Love, Dimitrija and Marija with the family
Our Moto is focus on Tradition who is existing over 100 years Since 1928, the process is same even is upgraded with modern tehnology. "Quality Above All"
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We know that finding beautifully-crafted jewellery at an affordable price is hard. In fact it’s one of the main reasons why FILEVI was born. Inspired by a passion for traditional techniques, our modern, luxurious wedding jewellery includes Gold-plated designs alongside solid Gold and Diamonds, to ensure we create forever pieces that aren’t out of reach. Plus, we don’t work with wholesalers which means we can make sure our pricing is as inclusive as possible. 



"The best shop in Ohrid. The jewelry is so adorable, is artwork, handmade jewelry I am so happy that I bought pearls and silver jewelry from the original. Thank you🌹"
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Paula Robinson
"DImitrija and Marija Filevi are profesionals handmade jewelers and the oldest in the family Filev. Everything what you can paint they can made. They are the best!!! I sugest to visit this uniqe workshop wich is only in Ohrid."
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Luis Carlos
"Wonderful person, very friendly and onest. Everything what you can imagine he can made. I suggest also to everybody to visit this workshop. The pearls are also wonderful, I like it."
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Alicia Stone
"I bought my wife a very nice necklace with a famous Ohrid Pearl. We were very pleased with the service, and enjoyed our time with Dr. Pavel. Absolutely recommend his shop! Making this jewelry is their very long family tradition, they have excellent craftsmenship and a great reputation. This is the original Filevi jewerly shop, with 100% real pearls.
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Matthew Johnson
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